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my task: concept, camera, edit, color @Grosse 8 . Bildbewegungen

Working with the great duo Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez, choreographed by CHOREOGRAFFITI for the 100th years party of Maybelline New York.

Wang/Ramirez are responsible for Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart World Tour.

Production Company: Grosse 8 . Bildbewegungen
Client: Maybelline New York / Matt Circus – Monumentale Kommunikation
Creative Director: Jörg Thommes
Regie: Stephan Telaar
Motion Design: Verena Henn, Jörn Westhoff



150514_MBL_03_04_WangRamirez.00_02_32_15.Standbild003 150514_MBL_03_04_WangRamirez.00_01_03_22.Standbild008 150514_MBL_03_04_WangRamirez.00_01_39_23.Standbild007 150514_MBL_03_04_WangRamirez.00_02_12_15.Standbild002  150514_MBL_03_04_WangRamirez.00_02_40_20.Standbild004 150514_MBL_03_04_WangRamirez.00_03_12_19.Standbild006