my task: concept, direction, edit, color

“limbic” is a Visual Music clip which reflects the emotional processing of music in the limbic system and the resulting reactions of the body (the so-called “chills”). It has been proved that musical attributes like the violation of expectations, the beginning of something new, a new cue or a recurring pattern are more often leading to chills. Those can be expressed, among other things, through a higher heart rate, twitching facial muscles, sweaty hands or even the well-known goose bumps. The film discusses how far chill-experiences are part of the evolutionary and/or the cultural development.

music: Johannes M. Arend


Now&Next Duesseldorf, Germany
Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig, Germany
Soundtrack Cologne, Germany
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, Germany
25m2 WhiteSpace, Cologne, Germany
backup_festival, Weimar, Germany
ISFF – International Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany
Imagine Science Film Festival New York, USA,
Creative Synthesis Miami, USA,
MIA Screening, Pasadena CA, USA
Festival International de Videoarte de Camagüey, Cuba,
Skepto International Film Festival 2013, Italy,
XXIII International Film Festival Message to Man, St. Petersburg, Russia
Researchers Night, Dusseldorf, Germany
4th Lakino Film Festival, Open Screening, Berlin, Germany
Goethe Institute, Cyprus
FIVA Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
temps d’Images, Düsseldorf, Germany


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